Marriage ReconciliationNot all situations must end up in a divorce. There is a lot to do to improve a marriage, and the question is if it worth the effort and time, or should we just say “I’ve had it”. We will help you to get the right answer.

We know many couples that had come to us and wanted to get divorce, but when we worked on their marriage in the right way they found out that staying together was THE option. On the other hand, we know many other couples that no matter what we tried, the best option was to put everything behind them and open new chapter in their life.

Divorce mediation is the process of dissolving the marriage in a non-adversarial way. The framework provides you with the opportunity to negotiate your own settlement on the assumption that the decision to separate and/or divorce has been made.

We do not represent either of you individually. Our role as mediator is to assist you reach a settlement acceptable to both of you, what we call that a WIN /WIN solution. We will use my mediation  skills to help you identify  areas of agreement and help you negotiate the substantive areas of disagreament to reach a settlement. We will also manage the conflict between you so it becomes productive rather than distractive. Our role is to help each of you develop your case. We do this by focusing on what is in your best interest without regard to the other party, since the give and take must come from each of you in the negotiations. All areas will be covered, from economics to assets and kids.

When a settlement is reached, we will prepare your memorandum of understanding, that your lawyers will incorporate into a legal separation agreement. Do not attempt to convert the memorandum of understanding into a legal agreement without the advice of a lawyer, since it is not intended to be legal document.