I efficientienly help parties come to agreement. I offer the following scale flat fees* for divorce mediation.

Household Income $75K-$200K Household Income $40k-$75K Household Income under $40K
Couple own house and has children $2650 $2200 $1900
Couple has children but does not own house $2100 $1900 $1600
Couple own house but does not have children $1900 $1600 $1400
No house and no children $1400 $1200 $900

*Flat fee prices include up to 5 hours of face-to-face meetings (4 hours for “no house and no children”).

Flat fee prices are $250 higher for couples with gross income from 200k-300k; $500 higher for couples with gross income over $300k; flat fees are typically $250 higher for couples with multiple real estate properties, their own high-value businesses, or high assets (e.g., $500,000 outside of their home and retirement accounts).